Wholesale Services of America Reviews the Top Cruise Myths

By | April 11, 2016

If you have never been on a cruise ship before, you probably picture a dingy interior where the people are packed in like sardines. On the modern cruise liners today, that just isn’t the case. Get over your fear of cruising and see how these top myths about cruise vacations are just plain false.

“Cruises are too expensive!”

If you and your family can afford a nice all-inclusive, then you can certainly afford a cruise. Food, entertainment, activities are all included in the cost. Prices are very reasonable for a basic cabin, and cruise lines commonly drop prices dramatically a few weeks before departure to fill the rooms. So keep your email notifications tuned to the cruise ship booking sites and you can get a smoking deal.

“I’ll get bored on the ship…”

Many assume that the ship is mainly designed to get you from place to place. But what about the days when you are stuck at sea? On-board entertainment can pack a serious punch with multiple pools, rock climbing walls, wave riders, and even ice skating! In the evening, think movies under the stars, extravagant dinners, live shows, comedy, karaoke, and night clubs. There are many options on board to keep you entertained until your next destination, so think of it like a floating city.

“Cruising is dangerous!”

We’ve all seen Titanic and can’t help but have that slight nagging sensation from time to time. But, many of us have also seen Lost, yet we still travel by air routinely. There is something about cruising that makes people feel trapped, but companies are aware of this and have the ability to ease this fear with the best technology and safeguards. Everyone on board is prepped with a safety exercise, the staff are well-versed in case of emergency, and routes are well-planned to ensure safety. And yes, there will be enough lifeboats for everyone.

“I’ll get seasick”

Cruise ships that sail the open sea are massive, and they are outfitted with stabilizers where you barely feel a thing. Some may still feel some inner ear imbalances, but there are multiple options and remedies to prevent or ward off seasickness.

“The itinerary is always sub-par”

While it is true that the most common cruise for North Americas are those that cater to relaxing, beach getaways, the industry has expanded so much that you can cruise almost anywhere in the world. Think of seeing the Alaskan fjords up close, the Rhine River, the stunning cliffs of Greece, the cobbled streets of Spain, or the French countryside. Cruising can truly satisfy every travel desire. So don’t think you’re limited to sandy shores and drinks from a coconut, cruising can take you across the world.