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Wholesale Services of America Reviews the Best Places to Visit in Spain

Wholesale Services of America Reviews the Best Places to Visit in Spain


Colorful nightlife, elegant beaches, amazing festivals, delectable cuisine- all these and much more makes Spain a highly sought after tourist destination. Spain has a collection of stunning islands and sovereign states, making it one of the top European countries that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Featuring unique cultures and stunning landscapes, Spain has something on offer for everyone as it is full of glamour, rich historical sites, lovely beaches among other numerous side attractions.



Located on the northeastern region of the country, Barcelona ranks among top tourists destinations in Spain.  The city has a vibrant nightlife, unparalleled culture, tasty local cuisine and a rich historical past. Barcelona is a place that will guarantee anyone looking to enjoy the best vacation experience maximum satisfaction. Some of the popular tourist destinations worth visiting in Barcelona include the Sagrada Familia and Casa Batillo both designed by Antoni Gaudi, a reputable artist by international standard. Take a walk around La Rambla and enjoy breathtaking sceneries. Barcelona offers plenty of things to see and do for everyone including young and old.



Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. Madrid presents tourists with an exciting nightlife. Renowned for being one of the top destinations for tourists in Europe, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here. The city attracts large number of visitors from various regions of the world yearly. Top places to visit in Madrid include Plaza Mayor, where you will find the magnificent Royal palace of Madrid which houses the monarch of Spain. Anyone visiting Spain and Madrid for the first time should also not miss out on seeing the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple built in honor of a goddess. A visit to the largest cathedral in Spain, Madrid Cathedral locally known as the Almudena Cathedral, offers visitors the chance to explore and marvel at some of the  greatest architectural works.



Renowned for being the capital of the Granda Province, the city has a lot of attractions ranging from its glittering nightlife and unique culture to its wealth of history. The Alhambra, one of the most popular attractions in Spain, is a mind blowing architectural masterpiece. Alhambra is a giant edifice that attracts tourists in their large numbers to come catch a glimpse of the magnificence it exudes. Other interesting places in Granada include the Arch of Elvira, the Monastery of Saint Jerome, Palace of Charles V, and much more.



Considered one of the largest cities in Spain, Valencia is located in the eastern part of the country. World class accommodation, exotic restaurants, mind blowing attractions, lively nightlife and incredible entertainment all makes Valencia a must visit for visitors of all ages. One of the city’s impressive attractions is the City of Arts and Science, which ranks as one of the largest cultural and entertainment complex in Europe. This amazing structure is home to an aquarium, a museum of science, a cinema, a marine park and a planetarium. Another great spot worth checking out in Valencia is the Water Court also known as the Tribunal de las Aguas, a UNESCO listed site.


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“Sawadee krap (hello)!” No adventure in Thailand starts off without this greeting. With an estimated number of 25 million visitors a year, it is no surprise that Thailand is on World Traveler’s bucket list. Wholesale Services of America reviews why going to Thailand is more affordable than ever.

Literally the “Land of Smiles”, the Thais are known to be incredibly warm and friendly. There’s no need to worry about language barriers as a significant number of locals are capable of very basic English due to the rapid rise in tourism in the last decade. The first thing you should embrace the moment you set foot in Thailand is the sophisticated Thai cuisine. Although there are Michelin-starred Thai restaurants located in other parts of the world, nothing beats the sitting on the side the street, with Tuk-Tuks wheezing by and digging into authentic Tom Yum whipped up by the ‘Gordon Ramseys’ from Bangkok’s renowned street food stalls.

From monumental Buddhist temples with golden hues to quaint floating river markets and cultural-rich performances, the flavorful culture in Thailand is undoubtedly fascinating. Be intrigued by the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya (the ancient capital of the Siam Empire), take a fun-filled, soothing ride down the famous floating market Damnoen Saduak in Bangkok or ride an elephant in an ethical elephant camp in Chiang Mai. Visiting rice plantations is also one of the most popular family bonding activity, where both adults and children can spend an enriching day getting hands-on experience in real Thai farming. Spiritual travellers may also enroll in meditation retreats in Chang Mai, which have been gaining popularity in the recent years.

Renown for having one of the most pristine beaches, Thailand is a dream destination for scuba divers, snorkelers, and watersport fanatics worldwide. The idea of strolling on the powdery white sand at Krabi, soaking yourselves in the aquamarine waters of Ko Samui and snapping Instagram-worthy photographs of colourful sunsets in Phuket while enjoying a cocktail is more than sufficient reason to fly over to Thailand for your next vacation. The mountainous landscape and dense tropical jungles in the North is yet another favourite destination for the adventurous ones.

Above all, Bangkok being the capital of Thailand is still the most visited city. Boating prestigious rooftop bars and robust nightlife, parties in Bangkok starts in the afternoon. With street stalls, bazaars, and towering skyscrapers situated alongside, Bangkok is one of the few places in the world that melds the old and the new perfectly. For the hardcore shopaholics, head over the famous Chatuchak weekend market (remember to grab yourself a delectable coconut ice cream sold around Chatuchak Market to beat the heat) and affordable fashion at Platinum mall.

Affordability is yet another reason why many travellers have Thailand on the top of their bucket lists. And when you include the discounts you get with Wholesale Services of America, it gets even cheaper! From food to transport to accommodation, everything is almost one-third or less of the cost of the same thing in countries such as the United States or Australia. One good example is the cheap Thai massages from legitimate parlors. An hour-long session hardly exceeds USD 10. Thailand is also mostly safe to travel solo or in small groups.

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Wholesale Services of America Reviews

Wholesale Services of America Reviews the Top Cruise Myths

If you have never been on a cruise ship before, you probably picture a dingy interior where the people are packed in like sardines. On the modern cruise liners today, that just isn’t the case. Get over your fear of cruising and see how these top myths about cruise vacations are just plain false.

“Cruises are too expensive!”

If you and your family can afford a nice all-inclusive, then you can certainly afford a cruise. Food, entertainment, activities are all included in the cost. Prices are very reasonable for a basic cabin, and cruise lines commonly drop prices dramatically a few weeks before departure to fill the rooms. So keep your email notifications tuned to the cruise ship booking sites and you can get a smoking deal.

“I’ll get bored on the ship…”

Many assume that the ship is mainly designed to get you from place to place. But what about the days when you are stuck at sea? On-board entertainment can pack a serious punch with multiple pools, rock climbing walls, wave riders, and even ice skating! In the evening, think movies under the stars, extravagant dinners, live shows, comedy, karaoke, and night clubs. There are many options on board to keep you entertained until your next destination, so think of it like a floating city.

“Cruising is dangerous!”

We’ve all seen Titanic and can’t help but have that slight nagging sensation from time to time. But, many of us have also seen Lost, yet we still travel by air routinely. There is something about cruising that makes people feel trapped, but companies are aware of this and have the ability to ease this fear with the best technology and safeguards. Everyone on board is prepped with a safety exercise, the staff are well-versed in case of emergency, and routes are well-planned to ensure safety. And yes, there will be enough lifeboats for everyone.

“I’ll get seasick”

Cruise ships that sail the open sea are massive, and they are outfitted with stabilizers where you barely feel a thing. Some may still feel some inner ear imbalances, but there are multiple options and remedies to prevent or ward off seasickness.

“The itinerary is always sub-par”

While it is true that the most common cruise for North Americas are those that cater to relaxing, beach getaways, the industry has expanded so much that you can cruise almost anywhere in the world. Think of seeing the Alaskan fjords up close, the Rhine River, the stunning cliffs of Greece, the cobbled streets of Spain, or the French countryside. Cruising can truly satisfy every travel desire. So don’t think you’re limited to sandy shores and drinks from a coconut, cruising can take you across the world.

Make your Wholesale Services of America Vacation Unforgettable

Wholesale Services of America

Vacations are another name of the opportunity to fulfill your unaccomplished  tasks and dreams. Everyone wants to get maximum benefits from their Wholesale Services of America membership.  Some people like to spend time with friends and family while many others prefer to improve a specific skill. Similarly, teenagers plan a trip and travel lovers seek chances to explore the natural beauty of their favorite places. There are some effective and unique ways to spend vacations which not only make these days unforgettable, but are also within the budget range of everyone.

Explore Your City

It’s a reality that people neglect their own city and prefer distant areas for the visit. You can utilize your time in exploring the natural beauty of your own city to which you’ve been taking for guaranteed for many years. In this way, your summer vacations or spring vacations can become more exciting and amazing despite the budget constraints. There are many inhabitants of New York who haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty while a number of Bangkokian are still ignoring Jim Thompson House. So, it’s the time to mark these unseen visiting places and don’t put it off until tomorrow.

Visit National Parks and Museums

Visit National Parks and museum where you can participate in different adventures and also see the exotic things. The cost of these parks and museums are very low, but they promise you to give maximum fun if you visit with your friends and family. Even if the parks are located in another city, you can easily get cheap accommodation or come back home after wandering the whole day.  You can even visit your Wholesale Services of America membership login to get last minute deals. After visiting the museums, you can learn about history and get a chance to see different exhibitions.

Go Camping

Group camping not only saves your money, but also lets you enjoy with your friends. During summer, winter or spring vacations, a number of travel agencies organize campings and plan different outdoor trips. Usually, the complete package includes eatery, adventure equipment, and tickets. These camping make you realize the importance of discipline and self-support. The hardships of camping increase your stamina, develop your patience, and take you closer to the natural beauty and real essence of life.

Try New Restaurants

Travel and food are directly related to each other, and food lovers always want to taste new recipes. Visit local restaurants, check their special food, grab new drinks and make your day memorable and tasteful. Even if you visited the place before and always ordered for the same food item, then get ready to order something new this time. Be sure to check out the dining discounts with your Wholesale Services of America login.

These are the just few ideas, but there are many other unique ways to make your vacations lucrative and excited. Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can travel on a cheap flight, climb mountains, improve your swimming skills, become a  volunteer participant of a noble cause, and visit different local beaches. However, it’s necessary to do all the activities with passion and enthusiasm, as the purpose of these activities is only fun and entertainment. Check out the best beaches in the world.