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Wholesale Services of America Travel Reviews the Top Ten For your Money

Wholesale Services of America Travel Reviews the Top ten best value for money destinations around the world

1. Cambodia

You think it’s impossible to find a place where to sleep for $2 and delicious food for even less than that? Then you’ve never been to Cambodia! Cambodia is a must if you want to visit a great place and spend so little you won’t even notice you’ve been on holiday at your return. It’s perfect for backpackers, but it is also great for holidaymakers that look for luxury hotel without spending a fortune. When there, don’t forget to visit the famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, a UNESCO world heritage site that looks its best at dawn, when the sun rise behind the temple. A visit to the capital, Phnom Penh is recommended. There you will taste mouth-watering food at a very cheap price, especially from street-vendors. Another option is to spend some time close to the sea, in Kampot for example, a charming riverside town, where you can rent a bike and cycle through the hills or visit the market.

2. Hungary

Hungary is a very cheap destination, where you can buy train tickets for 2$ and rooms for 15$. In particular, Budapest is the place to go. Despite being the capital, it is cheap and it is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe, called by many “the Eastern Paris”. Example of cheap prices are the bath houses, as Gellert, for less than 20$, which offers massages for even less. If you don’t feel like visiting the capital, check out the Lake Balaton, the biggest in central Europe, where you can swim and enjoy the fresh air in one of the towns close to the lake.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is another cheap Europe destination. The capital, Sofia, is awesome and it offers delicious food and drinks and comfortable places to stay for less than 35$ a day. There is so much to see in Sofia, as the National Literature Museum, that you probably won’t have time to visit the countryside or other towns, but if you do, then go for Nesebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you will start your tour of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. Much of Nesebar’s ancient city of Messembria has collapsed into the ocean, but despite of that, there is still plenty to see, ad the old churches and the local shops where you can buy local products and gifts to take back as souvenirs.

4. Greece<h2

Although it’s not the best moment for Greek economy, it is the best moment to go and visit Greece now that the prices have dropped. Santorini and Mykonos are still quite expensive, but there are other islands that are beautiful too and cheaper, like Paros or Skiathos or Ios, for example. Greek food is certainly worth spending some money on it, but you won’t have to, as it is exceptionally cheap to have lunch or dinner there. And if you don’t want to visit one of the islands, Athene and the Acropoli are stunning too. Don’t miss out on them!

5. Bolivia

Bolivia’s touristic offers are a real bargain! With its very cheap prices, it is very likely that you won’t spend more than 30$ per day! It’s the place to be if you are a backpacker and you love visiting amazing sites. Between those, Lake Titicaca that borders Bolivia and Peru and is the largest lake in South America, Madidi National Park where, if you are lucky, you may even spot a jaguar or a titi monkey and Tiwanaku, an ancient inca site and one of the top attractions in Bolivia. Only a small part has been excavated and it is visible now, but Tiwanaku remains the greatest architectural structure of pre-Inca South America.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely one of the cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia, but its popularity is going to increase so make sure to visit it before prices go up! What is particularly good there is food, delicious and not expensive at all: a meal in one of the local restaurants will cost no more than 5$. There are many places worthy a visit in Vietnam and one of those is Hue. Once the imperial capital during the Nguyen dynasty, this city’s architecture, cuisine and culture are a reflection of that glorious period making it definitely a place to visit. Don’t miss out on the capital, Hanoi, where the Old Quarter is impressive to see, as it is a mixture of French and Asian colonial architecture that wasn’t destroyed in spite of the bombings of the Vietnam War. When there, try the Bia hoi, a beer that couldn’t be cheaper: less than 2$ per serving. It is usually served from a jug at street corners stalls, and it is a real local experience! Make sure you get in Vietnam for the most important festival in the country, Tet, with dragon dancers, fairs and fireworks!

7. Antalya, Turkey

No excuse: you can’t miss the Turkish Riviera, and great news is you can do it even if you’re on a budget! It’s beautiful, ye, but it doesn’t have to be expensive and learn the art of negotiation before living for Antalya, because everything there can be negotiated. Visit Antalya Old Town, or Kaleici which was built during the Roman period and which grew around its old harbor. Or you could visit Hierapolis, an ancient city well known for its sacred hot springs. Being in Hierapolis, you’ll be very close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pamukkale, which shares its World Heritage status with the ancient city. You can’t miss Pamukkale’s iced-white terraces, that have been created by a natural built up of calcium carbonate and are therefore white and they have a magical aspect.

8. Spain

Spain is another great choice if you are not willing to break the bank. Spain offers a great variety of places to visit and it is very cheap. In Seville you won’t spend more than 10-15$ for a really filling meal and the same goes for Salamanca, Zaragoza and Bilbao. Madrid and Barcelona can be a bit more expensive, but only if you step into the first restaurant you see. Give a look around and you will find great places, with an awesome Spanish atmosphere and where you won’t spend too much compared to the quantity of tapas you’ll order! Note that many museums and sites are free for people under 26 coming from the EU or offer discounts to students from all over the world. Another great way to travel in Spain is by train: you can book a ticket that it’s worthy 5 or 10 journeys and then move all around in Spain.

9. Ecuador

Ecuador, another bargain! Food will never be that cheap again (yes, make the most of it!) and you won’t spend more than 35$ a day for a comfortable place.
While in Ecuador, explore the handcrafted works made by local artisans in local markets, goods are cheap there, and they can be a very nice souvenir. One of the most characteristic market is the one in Otavalo, where its indigenous people sell their handiwork. Don’t miss out the amazing colonial city of Cuenca, the third largest city in Ecuador, with its very famous Catedral Nueva, or New Cathedral of Cuenca. The façade is in alabaster and marble and it is stunning. Or, if you are up for adventures, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is what you’re looking for. There, you’ll be able to combine the tropical scenery with the wildlife as the reserve is home to 15 species of monkeys and more than 500 species of birds.

10. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has lots to offer to independent tourists that don’t want to spend a fortune. Public transportation here is really cheap and so a good idea might be having lunch or dinner in local spots where they are less expensive and maybe more typical! Santo Domingo is definitely a place you want to see. It is in fact the oldest city in the new World and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most populated city in the Caribbean and the architecture is absolutely stunning. If you feel like being more sporty and adventurous, Pico Duarte or La Pelona are two mountains that are waiting for you to be climbed. There are several hiking routes and, when reaching the summit, you’ll have the most amazing view of the ocean. And if hiking is not your thing, you can still enjoy the ocean from the beach: La Costa del Coco, the “Coconut Coast”, is the best place where to relax and have a deep in the ocean or sunbathe on a fine and silky sand.